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Sirius the cyclops is a short story written and illustrated by me for the world wide picture book contest with Lemniscaat publishers and Walker books UK. The brief was to tell a story using 3 illustrations. I have a passion for mythology,

I wanted to use a cyclops to deliver an important message towards children. 

The story:

"There once was a Cyclops named Sirius. His family were described as hideous. He was different from the people in the area. He was big, green and had teeth the size of Bulgaria. The town was scared of him, whenever they saw Sirius they ran on a whim. Sirius wasn’t what they thought him to be, he was kind and full of glee. But with every setback, Sirius became sad, for it was the town that was being bad. One day while Sirius sat in his cave, he heard something odd, could it have been a God? A God it was not, for it was a centaur named Silas. And one thing that Silas did not feel was shyness. Centaurs were known for being brave and strong, he realised the town had been wrong. The two became friends instantly. They laughed and played constantly. It wasn’t long before the town saw. They had never noticed his smile before. The town learnt something that day, everyone is different in their own way. For they felt like crooks and you should never judge someone for their looks."

james book jacket final one.jpg


In 2023, Penguin books took a year off from their book cover competition. However, 8 books were still put up for the chance to be redesigned, they just won't be judged. As a children's book enthusiast, I chose James and the giant peach. My main book jacket hints towards the ending of the book when the giant peach falls onto the pinnacle of the Empire State building. This odd imagery creates an intriguing sense for kids if they were to see the book on the shelves. The seagulls on the back cover signify them flying away from the peach after they got separated which ties the front cover and back cover together. 

I also created a second book cover with a different audience in mind. I went for a more classy approach with childlike nostalgia targeted to adults who read the book as kids. 

charlie cover final.JPG


As a personal project I am redesigning book covers of classic children's literature. The first in this project in Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'. 


I had the opportunity to created a piece of 3d illustration for a folklore. The folklore I chose was Hans my Hedgehog. The story of Hans my Hedgehog is about a half-human half-hedgehog named Hans who lives in the woods. A lost king stumbles upon Hans one day and they strike up a deal, Hans would guide him home for the hand of the princess. The king betrayed him so Hans got revenge on the princess. After some time, another lost king finds Hans and they make the same deal. This time round, the princess agrees and they get married. On their wedding night, Hans turns into a full human. 

For this piece,  I experimented with a few different types of 3d illustration. I resulted to using paper cutting and layers to create a fun and friendly style for a young audience. 

bad king 2.jpg
good king 2.jpg
hans 2.jpg
stabbing 2.jpg
wedding 2.jpg


During a unit at University, I was given the task of creating an alternative piece of media for BBC 4's 'The Shipping Forecast'. With this project I decided to create a children's book that educated children on the areas of the sea and the importance of checking the shipping forecast before going out to sea. I wrote and illustrated the book 'Patricia in Fisher'. The story is about a fish named Patricia who lives in the area Fisher. Patricia seeks adventure and the day she decides to go to the surface of the water, she finds a boat stuck in a storm. The boat contains two men named Sam and Glen. Patricia gathers her friends and they all help by pushing the boat to a safer area, German Bight. The story also teaches children that it is important to help. I used inspiration from 'The Shipping Forecast's' logo to create the sail for the boat in the story.

I used Procreate for this project and created a full 16 page printed book including front page and back page with a blurb.

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